A City-Wide Multidisciplinary Celebration of James Baldwin

April 2014 – June 2015

A consortium of cultural organizations from throughout New York City is uniting to declare 2014-15 The Year of James Baldwin on what would have been the great American essayist, novelist, playwright, poet, and activist James Baldwin’s 90th year (he was born in Harlem on August 2, 1924). The principal conveners of this multidisciplinary festival will consist of copartners Harlem Stage; New York Live Arts; and Columbia University’s School of the Arts. Other participants will include the Vera List Center at the New School, New York University, the Harlem Book Fair, and others to be announced.

The Year will launch April 23 to 27 with the second annual installment of New York Live Arts’ Live Ideas festival, this year entitled James Baldwin, This Time! with twenty events spread over five days. It will culminate in the spring of 2015 with major programming at the Harlem Stage Gatehouse. Events throughout the city will celebrate this often overlooked American writer who is arguably the most profound and imperative voice of the twentieth century.

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