People Get Ready/Steven Reker

“People Get Ready is an experience beyond hearing music in a club or viewing a dance; it is a moving meditation that suggests dreams” – New York Times

People Get Ready - is Steven Reker, Luke Fasano, James Rickman, and Jen Goma. Steven moved to New York in 2006 from Arizona working mainly as a dancer or musician for folks such as Yasuko Yokoshi, David Byrne, Miguel Gutierrez, Miranda July, John Jesurun, Jodi Melnick, Robert Wilson, Yoshiko Chuma, Jeff McMahon, Fred Thomas and other artists. Luke and Steven's first construction of the band was a performance at The Kitchen's Dance and Process series in 2009 - soon after James and Jen swooped in and completed the ensemble. They have presented their performance work and music in places like Watermill Center, The Kitchen, New York Live Arts, Baryshnikov Arts Center, BAM, Glasslands Gallery, Death By Audio, Le Poison Rouge. Brassland Records is releasing their first album this summer as they prepare for their performance at New York Live Arts in October. Their EP is also available via Quite Scientific Records.


MAY 2016
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